How many times have you been fishing in one of those fancy outboard boats and saw spots that you are sure there were "lunkers lurking" but couldn't get to because of shallow water, stumps, rocks, or weeds (big fish cover). Or maybe you know of a great duck hunting spot but haven't been able to access it with your big boat. A small boat is the answer and Creek Boats by Greentop Enterprise are The Ultimate in small boating!

Creek Boats are great for duck hunters, fisherman, wildlife photographers, game wardens, fish and game biologists, and other outdoor professionals. Creek Boats are roto cast in the highest quality, most durable polyethylene resin available that is FIVE times stronger than ABS and fiberglass. The lightweight design makes loading and carrying easier, while still allowing ample room for your gear, decoys, fishing tackle, etc. The shallow draft (as little as 5 inches of water) makes it easy to get to those "hot spots" where other boats can't go and the low center of gravity seating position provides a solid, stable ride. While you can use a paddle, these boats are designed for use with an electric motor, and feature a solid rear motor mount to allow better control and eliminate sidetracking. The motor steering is operated by foot pedals so that your arms remain free for casting and aiming making them the ultimate shallow water fishing and duck hunting boats.

Whether you want an added advantage in your duck, deer, squirrel, or turkey hunting, or want to fish a secluded creek or river away from competitive fisherman, or just want a leisurely ride in the quiet backwaters, a Creek Boat should be your first choice. If shallow creeks, private ponds, restricted lakes, swamps and marshes are your landscapes of choice, take a look at what Creek Boats have to offer.