The photo below shows our most popular one man boat models. This side by side comparison will give you an idea of the room inside each model compared to another. You also will be able to notice the different shapes of each boat as well as the different design of the bottoms.

STABILITY - All of the Creek Boat models will probably be one of the most stable small boats that you have ever been in. They are much more stable than a canoe or kayak. Both the M80 and M98 models are close as far as their stability goes. One is not any more stable than the other. The M10 is slightly more stable than both the M80 and the M98.

SEAT OPTIONS - Only the M98 and the M10 models are designed to be fitted with seats (the cushion seat is an option in the M98). The M80 was designed to be paddled in the kneeling position while resting your back against the thwart.

Weight capacity, transporting gear, distance to be traveled on the water, distance traveled to get to the water, and time spent in the boat, should all be major contributing factors in choosing the best model to suit your purpose. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact us.