Simple But EFFECTIVE Steering
(featured on M10, M11 & M12)

When you’re on the water you don’t want to spend your time adjusting things. Creek Boats feature foot pedal steering allowing your hands to be free for aiming and casting.

This design has been labeled “simple enough to enjoy, complex enough to perform”. Greentop used the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) approach while laying out this system.

The control lines are attached to the pedals, ran through guides, and then connected to the steering bracket on the motor. Press the left pedal the boat turns left. Press the right pedal, the boat turns right. No complicated parts, no hassles, just more boating. There is plenty of leg room for even the tallest of outdoorsmen and no cramped quarters.


Comfortable Camo Cushion Seat
(featured on M10, M11 & M12)

All M-10 Creek Boats are fitted with a comfortable camo cushion seat with a fold down back. Your butt shouldn't get worn out before you're ready to come home. The seat is bolted to a base that fits on the rails that are molded into the boat. The base can be slid back and forth for leg length adjustment and is not bolted to the boat. The weight of your body holds it in place. Just simply pick it up and stow it for travel. Because you are just a few inches off the bottom, this makes the M-10 a very stable boat.

Live Well

The M12 features a self-filling large capacity live well (2400 cubic inches) that measures 12” W by 10” H by 24” L (at the base). It is conveniently located in the middle of the boat allowing easy access by both passengers. Simple latch design can be opened with one hand, and the hinges and fasteners are marine grade and will never rust.

In addition to being self filling, the hole in the bottom can be fitted with a standard boat plug to keep water in to transfer your catch or to keep it dry for storage.


DIGITAL Variable Speed Control Panel

The control box that is included in the digital motor package mounts on the inside of the boat in a convenient location giving you quick selection of speeds, forward or reverse motion, using just one control knob.  Simply turn the knob either left or right to move in the desired direction.  The more you turn the knob, the faster the motor will go.  To stop, simply move the knob to the stop position.  All of this right at your fingertips.