Q: What is Roto Casting?

Roto Casting is a process of rotational molding in which plastic powder is put into a metal mold. The mold is then placed inside an oven and rotated on its vertical & horizontal axis. The plastic powder melts and coats the inside of the mold forming the shape of the hull.

Q: Why is Roto Casting better?

This process allows better consistency resulting in a more uniform hull thickness especially in corners, where as blow molding and thermal forming tend to thin out in the corners. A consistent hull thickness means a stronger boat.

Q: What size battery should I use?

Regardless of what size battery you choose, for best results use a deep cycle 12 volt marine battery. These batteries will vary in amp size and choosing the proper size will depend on how long you plan on fishing or using your motor. The more amps that the battery has, the longer you will be able to run the motor on a charge.

Q: Where should I put the battery?

For the best weight distribution, the battery should be placed in front of the live well.
In the M11, the battery is placed behind the seat.

Q: Can I use a small 1 or 2 HP outboard motor on these boats?

Creek Boats were designed and rated for use with an electric trolling motor. You should not use any other type of motor under any circumstances.

Q: Can I use this motor in salt water?

Our motors are not salt water motors.  We do not stock salt water motors, but they are available by special order.

Q: Do I have to register this boat?

Regulations vary state to state. Check with your State's Fish and Game Management Division or Marine Wildlife Resource Department for the laws governing the registration of small boats.  In most states, the boat has to be registered if you use the trolling motor with it.  

Q: Should I store the boat inside or will it be OK outside?

Creek Boats are made from UV resistant polyethylene, therefore the structural integrity of the boat is unaffected by the sun, but to keep your boat from fading and looking new for years, storing inside or covered up outside is recommended.

Q: How does cold weather effect Creek Boats?

Polyethylene does not get brittle in the cold and therefore is a perfect material for boats.

Q: How rough of water can the Creek Boat handle?

Creek Boats were designed for creeks, small lakes, ponds, backwaters, etc. Obviously you wouldn't take one of these boats out in the ocean or on a rough lake and the more experienced boaters will be able to handle rough water better than the novice. People who are expert in white water are able to take a canoe through a class 5 rapid but the average person probably wouldn't live to tell about it. Use your common sense when venturing out on the water and always wear a life jacket.

Q: Will the boat sink if it gets swamped?

Creek Boats have a two part flotation formula. First, all are fitted with U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation in the bow and stern and combined with the natural buoyancy properties of polyethylene, both assist in the flotation of the boat. The combination of these two things will keep the boat afloat if filled with water.

Q: Are Creek Boats available in different colors?

At this time, all Creek Boats are only available in one color. The military spec olive drab green color is custom blended for Greentop Enterprise. It is non-glare and blends in great with outdoor surroundings.

Q: What type of warranty do Creek Boats have?

Creek Boats have a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for original owners.

Q: Can I use a trailer with my Creek Boat, and do you sell trailers?

You can use a trailer with your Creek Boat, but it is important to choose one that supports the entire length of the boat. The bunks of the trailer should be as long as the bottom of your Creek Boat. We do not sell trailers here, but many marine dealers do – you might try a Google search for a trailer dealer in your area.

Greentop Enterprise will not assume any liability for damages or loss of life due to improper use of these products. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.