About 1980, Richard H Hinson started building boats for his friends, but the story begins long before that. All of his life, Richard has had a love for the outdoors and all kinds of outdoor sports. Along with this personal interest in the outdoors, Richard had a strong desire to find the very best hunting and fishing spots where no one had been before.

This desire lead Richard to try all kinds of ways to find the places that still had the biggest and best game available. He tried every different kind of boat, canoe and kayak one could imagine. None seemed to have all the features and comforts that suited him, so Richard started to experiment and bring into reality his version of the ideal "hot spot" boat.

Soon, Richard had both a one and a two man boat that he and his close friends could use to comfortably reach those places that others couldn't go, the hiding places of trophy game. Then the requests came... Richard's friends started to ask him to build them boats like the ones he had.

As more and more people saw Richard's boats, he began to get more requests to build them. It became quite apparent to him that there was a demand for what he had to offer and that he would have to move out of the small garage where he began building his boats. Today, Richard has a new facility that allows him to build quality boats with modern techniques, that still offer the personal touch that make his boats so popular with his friends.

If you are the kind of sportsman that doesn't want to be where all the other hunters and fishermen are, and you want to be sure to arrive safely and in comfort, there's only one choice for you........an original, handcrafted CREEK BOAT by Richard Hinson.